Be the light of your soul.


Taiwan Thick-Film Industries Corp. Basic Information

  • Date of Establishment: November 13, 1982
  • Company Address: 3F.,No.7,Ln.332,Siyuan Rd.,Xinzhuang Dist.,New Taipei City 242,Taiwan(R.O.C.)
  • Number of Employees: 516 (20 at Taiwan Company, 236 at Dongguan Branch Office, 222 at Kunshan Branch Office, 38 at Suzhou Branch Office)
  • Paid-in Capital: NT$ 371 Million
  • Consolidated revenue in 2021: NT$ 1,913,612,000
  • Main Products: Backlight Modules, Light Bars, LCM Modules, Cultural and Creative Business

Be the Light of Your Soul!

Taiwan Thick-Film Industries Corp. (hereinafter referred to as the Company) was established in 1982. Upholding “research, development, innovation, and progress”, the Company has successively built up SMT team and Backlight Module team to accumulate rich experiences in manufacturing transformers, backlight modules, LED light bars, light guide plates and other related products, adopted by major computer brands.

While expanding its business and responding to market demand and trends, the Company has established the Cultural and Creative Business Unit to be responsible for the world-renowned image licensing goods cooperation business. We have searched for the licensed images that have been topical in the market and used our professional planning, design, production, and access experiences and capabilities to maximize the combined effect of licensed images and goods. Our continuous innovation brings new and innovative feelings to consumers.

The Company's backlight modules, LED light bar products and cultural and creative business unit have all become indispensable due to using “innovation” and “creativity” to illuminate goals and create value!