Be the light of your soul.


Be the light of your soul.


About Tailon

Taiwan Thick-Film Industries Corp. (hereinafter referred to as the Company) was established in 1982. Upholding “research, development, innovation, and progress”, the Company has successively built up SMT team and Backlight Module team to accumulate rich experiences in manufacturing transformers, backlight modules, LED light bars, light guide plates and other related products, adopted by major computer brands.


Back Light Module

The backlight module is one of the important components of the liquid crystal display (LCD). As the liquid crystal layer does not produce light by itself, the light must be produced by the backlight source, penetrates the polarizer, glass substrate, and liquid crystal layer in the panel of the liquid crystal screen sequentially, and finally enters the human eye, to form images and achieve the display function.

LED Light Bar

The Company has aggressively cultivated the market for backlight modules. In addition to the backlight module assembly line, the Company has also built a complete SMD factory and mastered a number of key technologies to design key components such as plastic frames, light guide plates and LED light bars. Applications include consumer electronics, industrial control, medical, military, automotive and other products.

New Energy Automotive Electronics

With the continuous growth of the global automotive market and investment in the new energy automotive industry

Cultural and Creative Business Unit

The Company's Second Business Department is responsible for brand image licensing business, including image license

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