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Business Philosophy

Perseverance, Learning, Composure and Optimism are the four pillars of the Company's business philosophy.

Since its establishment more than 30 years ago, the Company has seen the most glorious period in the electronics industry in Taiwan and the changes in the trend in China as the world's factory. In the face of major changes in the environment, the Company has continuously revised and improved its goals and methods, to find the right direction in chaotic situations and continue growing in a steady pace.

Research, Development, Innovation and Progress are the four major guidelines for the Company's efforts.

The optoelectronics industry is changing with each passing day. The Company has been devoting itself to researching the trend of technology development and has been analyzing the context of the market calmly, to continuously achieve outstanding results in the research and development of new products and creation of value products, as well as provide perfect products. Our customers are well-known brands at home and abroad.

Business Philosophy